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Umbrella Insurance

from McGregor Insurance

Umbrella Insurance

Do you have enough insurance? You probably have home and auto insurance, and you may have additional coverage as well. However, every insurance policy comes with certain limits and exclusions. An umbrella policy from McGregor Insurance can help fill those gaps.

What Is Umbrella Insurance

Umbrella coverage is designed to pick up where other insurance leaves off. When you exceed the liability limits on your home or auto coverage, an umbrella policy kicks in, providing additional protection. Through our network of insurance carriers, we provide a variety of umbrella insurance policies. These policies start at $1,000,000 in coverage, and higher limits are also available.

Why Do You Need Umbrella Coverage

How much liability insurance do you carry on your automobile? If you caused an accident involving a classic vehicle, would your insurance be sufficient to cover damages?

Consider a disaster at home. If a fire in your home spread to a neighbor’s home, would you have sufficient insurance coverage for repairs or replacement of everything lost in that fire?

Umbrella insurance policies can help in these types of situations. Additionally, this type of insurance often includes coverage of certain incidences excluded by other insurance policies. An umbrella policy may help with legal defense or provide other personal liability protection for you and your family. Your friendly McGregor Insurance agent will be happy to explain the details of an umbrella policy and to assist you in choosing a policy that addresses your specific needs.

Why Wait to Get Umbrella Coverage

There’s nothing worse than filing an insurance claim only to learn that your existing policy doesn’t cover your loss. Don’t wait for a disaster to learn about extended coverage options. Learn more today by filling out our convenient online information form. We look forward to helping you eliminate potentially costly gaps in your personal insurance coverage.