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Polly Pelican

Feathery Ambassador

Polly Pelican

Polly Pelican

Polly T. Pelican joined the team in March of 2015. Polly is our feathery ambassador, and she spends her time out of the office going from business to business promoting McGregor Insurance!

Every month Polly perches at a local business to generate referrals! McGregor Insurance already has a wonderful, longstanding referral program with donations to the Ocean Shores Food Bank, but if you come in as a referral from Polly we add a donation to the Business of the Month’s charity of choice.

Polly has supported Juvenile Diabetes Research, the NBHS Marching Band, Saint Jude’s Children’s Hospital , just to name a few.

Polly enjoys a soft Swedish Fish to snack on from time to time and warm evenings locked inside local businesses contemplating why a chicken would want to cross a road.

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