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Essential Safety Tips for Nighttime Boating

Jul 14 2018 If you own a boat (or better yet, as the joke goes, you know someone with a boat), you’ve probably thought about spending some evenings on the water - especially in the summertime. It’s a great thought, of course. But, when you’re boating after... more

Summer Driving Tips

Jun 11 2018 Summer’s almost here! The sun will come out of hiding more regularly and people will too. As crowds swell at the beach, in parks, and even on roadways, it all makes for some challenging driving conditions. More people are out and about, whether on... more

Protecting Your Home: Understanding Your Home Insurance Policy

May 7 2018 As a homeowner, one of the most important aspects of your home isn’t something you use daily. And it isn’t something flashy you show off to friends. It’s your homeowners insurance policy, and it protects you in more ways than you may think, helping... more

Do I Need to Tell My Insurance Company If My Dog Bites Someone?

Apr 10 2018 My "granddog", pictured above, is acting like he is sorry he went through the living room's window screen when trying to greet someone who stopped by to visit. You, and I, probably don’t think our dogs would ever bite someone, let alone cause a... more

Protect yourself from Carbon Monoxide at Home and at Work

Mar 2 2018 According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, every year hundreds of people in the U.S. die from carbon-monoxide (CO) poisoning-and the invisible, odorless gas sickens thousands more. The numbers seem even more tragic when you... more

Insuring Jewelry: How to Know if Your Coverage is Enough

Feb 15 2018 Whether it's a ring from a loved one, a bracelet handed down through generations or even a watch or necklace marking a special occasion; every reason you treasure a piece of fine jewelry is a reason it should be insured. However, calling it “jewelry... more

Tips for Buying a Safe Car

Jan 8 2018 Everyone's heard all the talk about driverless cars - but unfortunately, we’re still years away from living in a world where you just tell your car where to go, kick back and relax with a book (or, more likely, your phone). Even though our... more

Why Today’s Homes Burn Faster

Dec 6 2017 From building materials to furnishings, many of the things in your home likely aren’t as flame-resistant as those from yesteryear. A fire in a modern home is a “perfect storm,” according to safety consulting and certification company UL (... more

How to Lower Your Auto Insurance Bill

Nov 4 2017 It’s easy to lower your insurance costs - especially if you have a great driving record, or don’t mind having higher deductibles. Who doesn’t want to pay less for car insurance? Billions of dollars are spent on ad campaigns to convince you to “... more

Do You Need Umbrella Insurance?

Oct 6 2017 One of the most certain things in life is uncertainty. Your dog could bite the neighbor’s child. Your teen driver could hit a bicyclist. A guest could fall down your stairs. A rainy morning commute on a slick road or steel bridge deck could result... more

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