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Life Insurance

from McGregor Insurance

Life Insurance

Did you know that life insurance is the most under-purchased insurance product in our nation today? Although it may seem uncomfortable to think or speak about death, it’s important to consider what your family would do in the event of your passing. Would they have enough money to cover your final expenses? Would your children be able to afford college? Would your spouse be able to pay the mortgage and other bills without your salary? With the right life insurance policy from McGregor Insurance, you can confidently answer each of these questions.

The Right Policy for You

There are a variety of life insurance options, and different products work best at different stages of life. Our experienced agents will help you review your personal circumstances and choose a policy to meet your personal needs.

Term life insurance is often a good choice for individuals who have never purchased a life insurance policy before. These policies provide a death benefit if the insured person passes away during a set period of time or term.

Whole life insurance is a permanent life insurance option that pays out at any time as long as the premiums are paid as set forth in the policy. This type of insurance can also build cash value against which you can borrow.

Universal life insurance, also a permanent life insurance option, features flexible premium amounts and an unbundled pricing structure. This type of life insurance can build cash value as well.

Time for a Policy Review

Since the one constant in life is change, we recognize that your life insurance needs will change as well. We recommend regular policy reviews to ensure that your coverage matches your current needs. You should schedule a policy review

  • Anytime your marital status changes
  • When you have or adopt a child
  • If you assume responsibility for an aging relative
  • Purchase a new home
  • Refinance your home
  • Face a significant change in overall health
  • Lose or get a new job
  • Start or significantly grow your own business

Contact us today to review your existing life insurance or learn more about purchasing a policy.