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Difference in Conditions Insurance

Difference in Conditions Insurance

Homeowners and businesses need protection for their buildings and belongings. Although you probably have a home insurance policy or business property protection, that may not be enough to cover all your risks. The experienced insurance agents at McGregor Insurance want to help you protect your property. That’s why we specialize in providing earthquake, flood and landslide insurance.

Earthquake Insurance

Most homeowner’s policies and business property insurance exclude damage due to land movement. This means that without earthquake insurance, you could be left with heavy losses following tremors of any magnitude. With a Difference in Conditions (DIC) insurance policy from McGregor Insurance, your business, home, and possessions can be covered against loss or damage directly related to earth movement. Additional living costs or loss of income incurred due to an earthquake are also generally covered, and your policy may cover expenses related to damage prevention following a quake as well.

Flood Insurance

Damage from flooding is commonly excluded on standard business, homeowners and property insurance policies. Separate flood policies are available from insurance agencies such as McGregor Insurance that work with the National Flood Insurance Program. DIC coverage provides a number of additional benefits that the program developed by the U.S. government can't offer to help businesses and homeowners but the NFIP program is the only option available for high risk properties.

The events covered by earthquake, landslide and flood insurance vary from state to state. McGregor Insurance can help you learn more about your risks and the solutions available to protect your home, business and belongings. Get started today by filling out our easy online information form.

Landslide Insurance

Landslides are specifically covered by the DIC policy. Mudflows related to a landslide are often considered to be a "flood", but as long as your DIC policy includes flood - it isn't a problem. In Washington and Oregon, two of the states served by McGregor Insurance, home and property owners have a high risk of incurring damage due to a landslide.

That's why we offer a single specialized policy designed to give protection against Earthquake, Landslide and Flood losses. One policy, one premium and one deductible providing insurance coverage which may not be available any other way