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Classic Car Insurance

Classic Car Insurance

Basic auto insurance isn’t enough for the serious hobbyist. When you restore or collect classic vehicles, you need insurance that covers your interests. The experienced insurance professionals at McGregor Insurance understand. We work with many collectors and hobbyists to find the right insurance, and our extensive network of insurance carriers helps us find affordable prices on policies for a variety of individual circumstances.

Customizable Insurance Options

No two classic cars are exactly alike, and a one-size-fits-all policy simply won’t work for automotive enthusiasts. To best serve our discerning customers, McGregor Insurance offers a variety of customizable options. We understand that you may not often drive your classic or antique vehicles, so we have options based on miles driven as well as vehicle age and modifications.

Available Policy Features

Because of our extensive network of top-rated insurance carriers, we are able to offer an extensive selection of policy options for classic and antique automobiles. Some of these available features include

Agreed Value: Policies with this option pay out a set, agreed amount, minus an applicable deductible, if a covered event results in a total loss.

Usage-Based Rates: Don’t pay for insurance you don’t use. Instead, consult one of our agents to find a classic car policy that covers the way you use your vehicle.

Generous Mileage: If you enjoy showing off your classic car, don’t let low mileage options get in your way. Our agents can help you find a policy that gives you maximum freedom.

Roadside Assistance: No one wants to be stranded by the side of the road. With roadside assistance specially tailored for collectible vehicles, you can get the service you need from qualified professionals who will flatbed your car to a qualified repair shop nearby.

At McGregor Insurance, we’re in the business of protecting people’s lives. Let us help you more fully enjoy your car-collecting hobby with classic car insurance tailored to your situation.